Parboiled (High Nutrition) Long Grain White Rice


Product Overview

What's Great About It?

Food Storage Depot's Parboiled White Rice is a great, nutritious addition to a long-term food storage. WHY? Our rice uses a process called parboiling. Parboiled rice is an age-old practice made popular in parts of India and now practiced modernly worldwide, especially in the United States. Un-husked rice is dried to about 14% moisture and then partially boiled and dried again. Rice is then husked and milled. This process helps the rice retain the vitamins and minerals naturally found in the bran as the nutrients from the bran are driven into the grain. The result: a rice much more nutritious than regular milled white rice, that retains about 80% of the nutrients of brown rice, yet still allows for 2 to 3 times the shelf life of brown rice. A useful and nutritious part of your home food storage!

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.