Heat-Capture Emergency Tent


Product Overview

The Heat-Capture Emergency Tent!

Food Storage Depot's compact, durable Emergency Tent is what you will need in an emergency! It has a Heat-Capturing Multilayer Technology that will keep everyone inside it warm and cozy when you need it most. It is lightweight, easy to set up, and comes included with tent stakes and a rope.

Unlike other Emergency Tents, this one is Waterproof and Windproof!  One end of the tent is closed off, and the opening has flaps so you can close it off to block the wind and rain from blowing in. You will be comfortable and dry even after a storm. The bright 'Emergency Orange' on the outside is designed to not only absorb heat, but is easily seen by rescue workers from far distances.

You can use this Emergency Tent for Cold and Hot wheather! You don't want to bake in your tent when the sun is out! Simply turn the emergency tent inside-out with the orange fabric facing inward and the reflective fabric facing outward - and the heat is reflected away from your nice spot of shade. Neat huh!

Footprint Dimensions: 83 in. Long x 36 in. Wide

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.