Freeze Dried Peach Dices


Product Overview

What's Great About It?

All throughout the year you can have delicious peaches in your favorite recipes and snacks with Food Storage Depot’s Freeze Dried Diced Peaches! Use them to make peach cobbler, fruit smoothies, or eat them as they are! All of our Freeze Dried and Dehydrated fruits are the perfect snack for any occasion. Take them along to a sports game, on a hike, or give them to the kids to snack on while on the run. These 100% fruits are amazingly convenient and retain almost all the original vitamins and nutrients as when they were fresh picked! Once you’ve tried them, you won’t want to go without ‘em! They are great for everyday use and they easily store for future needs.

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.