Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit (Up to 300 Gallons)


Product Overview

Treats 300 gallons with just one kit and extends water shelf life 5+ years!!

Endorsed by the former Commander of Public Health Service and developed and tested for over 7 years by Dr. Terry Ring (UofU's Chemical Engineering Department Chairman) and associates.

This formula and process are patented through Water Pure Technologies, LLC. H2O ResQ, Copper-Silver Ion additive has been shown to safely stabilize and treat drinking and storage water while continuing to maintain residual levels in the water for longer periods of time than conventional methods. This is especially beneficial if cross contamination were to occur while the water is being stored. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.

Before drinking stored water with this type of water treatment, you can test the water for residual readings by using the manufacturer's test kit. If there is no residual reading, add more of the Copper-Silver Ion liquid as per manufacturer's color chart.

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.