Country Cream 100% Real Non-fat Dried Milk Concentrate

$23.97 - $129.44

Product Overview

What's Great About It?

Food Storage Depot's Milk is #1 for taste and quality and is a delicious and creamy mix that was made from 100% REAL milk! It is has simply been dehydrated into a convenient powdered form for easy storage and preparation. When you begin to rely on your food storage supply you will not want to go without a daily food item like milk! It has been fortified with Vitamins A and D for a healthy and more nutritious food storage. You can mix it instantly to use in your baking recipes, a bowl of cereal or just drink as a cool refreshment. This 100% Real non-fat Milk is a fantastic storage item and will be there for when you need it most.

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.