15 Gallon Water Barrel


Product Overview

If you want a lot of water in a small space, here's your solution!

Food Storage Depot's  Water Storage Tanks are built of Food grade Polyethylene plastic, which makes them safe for drinking water even when stored in direct Sunlight and they are FDA approved for potable water.

Even though it is always better to store water tanks out of direct sunlight, exposure to the sun will not make it  unsafe to drink. The water tank has a UV8 rating, which means it will not degrade for 8 years in direct sunlight exposure.   Even if the material does degrade, it will not cause the water to be unsafe for consumption.

These tanks have a 10 year warranty on them. The valves and fittings have a one year warranty. These warranties are on conditions of normal use. Any abuse voids all warranties.

Comes with a bung wrench! (For easy opening.)

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.